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May 2023 Astrological Overview

May calls for us to go inward and reflect on how we've grown over the past two years, and especially since January of this year to help us prepare for the new cycles of growth and expansion coming our way.

The sky is awake again and Jupiter is ready to move into Taurus for a year-long stay of abundance and increase.

This month's video covers the major highlights for May and then goes into personalized horoscopes for each rising sign with recommended affirmations. Time stamps for each sign can be found in the YouTube description of the video for easy navigation and you can download the presentation with all the highlights and horoscopes below!

Get in-depth astrology updates weekly on The Alchemist's Inkwell Podcast and YouTube channel and daily on TikTok or IG @TheRealKristaLyn !

Astro Overview Presentation
Download PDF • 1.76MB

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