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2024 New Moon in Capricorn

We are halfway between eclipses and the Moon begins the week conjunct Venus in Sagittarius, which offers an excitable and romantic moment to usher us through the Detriment New Moon in Capricorn co-present with Exalted Mars and trine a recently-direct Jupiter.

When the Moon is in her Domicile in Cancer, she has all of her comforts and resources there. The opposite sign of a planet’s Domicile is considered their Detriment, which for the Moon is Capricorn. So the Moon is not at home here and is without resources. Fortunately, she is not entirely without support as there is a fairly wide Whole Sign Trine from Jupiter, but we also have to be aware that Mars is now in Capricorn as well, and he is Exalted there and his trine to Jupiter is exact to the degree.

Affirmation:  I deserve the rest I desire

Apply It: Active recovery and protect your

You can download the 2024 Astrological overview below and see my suggestions for working intentionally with this moon in this week's video!


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New Moon vibes lol 💓

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This is so perfect!!

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