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2024 Full Moon in Leo

The sky this week brings repeating themes of movement and change. The week begins with Venus taking on a new tone and joining Mercury and Mars who are conjunct in Capricorn. This grounds us for the bigger, possibly more noticeable changes signaled by the transits on the 28th.

The hopeful news is that while we are experiencing change, it has the potential to be building us toward something beneficial–because both benefits, Venus and Jupiter, will trine on the 28th! They aren’t the only conversation going on that day, however, so be aware of potential progress or unexpected events surrounding travel and communication, especially when it comes to the pieces of the process that are normally underneath the surface. Perhaps the key to unlocking the blessings of this Benefic trine is authentic and honest communication!

Affirmation: I surround myself with people and situations that I can serve with my genius. My rising tide raises all sails.

Apply It: Do what you love and share it with others

You can download the 2024 Astrological overview below and see my suggestions for working intentionally with this moon in this week's video!


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