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2023 New Moon in Scorpio

Even though this is our first New Moon after eclipse season, it may not be the greatest for our typical manifesting or intentional work. The Sun and Moon are in Scorpio where the Moon is in her Fall, unable to find support and energy, and already combust in the Sun's rays. Additionally, this lunation is made spicier by its conjunction to Mars and opposition with Uranus.

Where Scorpio is often a deep-feeling, even brooding sign, with its ruler Mars present, chariot with the Sun, ruling the New Moon, and opposite radical Uranus, this may bring seething pots to boil over. It might be wise to ask for help processing feelings, or to give yourself a safe space to express yourself in a journal or through art so you can understand why these feelings are so strong, process them, and then find conscious resolution with anyone else who may be involved.

Affirmation: I am safe to grow

Apply It: Stay curious about events that surprise you and wonder how they are happening for you.

You can download the November overview below and see my suggestions for working intentionally with this moon in this week's video!

Nov Astro Overview Workbook
Download PDF • 4.94MB

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