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2023 Full Moon in Pisces

This whimsical "Blue Moon" brings solid edges of accountability to where we are successfully supporting our beliefs and subconscious wellbeing. It also calls us out for any avoidances or vices we've been leaning too hard on. The trick might just be standing up for ourselves and putting the depth of our thoughts and emotions into words and aligned action.

Affirmation: I am a consciously creating myself every day

Apply It: Guided Meditation, brain dumps, organizing thoughts into belief statements, and releasing limiting beliefs.

What do Blue Moons mean in astrology? I go into that in the video below! I also added both the August and September workbooks to this post so you can transition into September smoothly!

Astro Overview Workbook
Download PDF • 5.30MB

Sep Astro Overview Workbook
Download PDF • 5.11MB

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